Preventive Maintenance Guidebook: Best Practices to Maintain Efficient and Sustainable Buildings
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An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure, especially when it comes to building maintenance. BOMA's Preventive Maintenance Guidebook: Best Practices to Maintain Efficient and Sustainable Buildings guidebook will help ensure that no damper, fan, belt, wire or pipe is left unchecked in your building and no unexpected and costly repairs wreak havoc on your budget.

The Preventive Maintenance Guidebook covers:
  • An overview of maintenance practices
  • Why a preventive maintenance program is necessary
  • How to establish a preventive maintenance program
  • Comparing outsourcing vs. in-house staffing
  • Manual recordkeeping vs. a computerized maintenance management system
  • Guide to identifying and tagging equipment and systems
  • How to schedule preventative maintenance
  • How much time to allow for preventive maintenance tasks
  • Staff requirements to operate a facility and perform preventive maintenance
  • Principles of capital planning and sample analysis
  • Expected useful life of building systems
  • Industry standard preventive maintenance tasks and tools
  • What non-destructive preventive maintenance is and which systems it can benefit
  • What predictive maintenance is and how it can save you money

The guide covers ordinary commercial, government and institutional office facilities, but the principles may also be applicable to retail, educational and multi-family residential facilities and can be applied by extension to critical facilities such as data centers.

Preventive Maintenance: Best Practices to Maintain Efficient and Sustainable Buildings is authored by Lawrence J. Schoen, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, and is a revision of the 2003 publication Preventive Maintenance and Building Operation Efficiency.
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