Pandemic Influenza: Are You Prepared? Tenant Brochures
Are you prepared to assist your tenants in preparing for or responding to a pandemic? BOMA's tenant brochure: Pandemic Influenza: Are You Prepared? assists property professionals in communicating with tenants about the potential impacts associated with pandemic influenza, the importance of developing proper planning in the case of an outbreak and methods of implementing procedures to help individuals protect themselves.

Your tenants will learn the potential social and economic impacts of pandemic flu and terminology for four types of influenza. Suggestions are offered on how tenants can work with building management and plan for the impact of pandemic flu on their business. Precautionary techniques are provided that individuals can implement to minimize potential risks, as well as a list of pandemic influenza resources for tenants to get up-to-date information.

Customizable space is provided on the back of the brochure for building management to provide their own contact information before distributing to tenants.
Orders come in packages of 25.

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