The Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings: A Guide to Understanding, Preparing and Grossing Up Expense Escalations (Third Edition)
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Escalations are a fact of life for property managers. Getting them right is critical to maintaining the profitability of your building and solid relationships with your tenants. BOMA's Escalation Handbook is the industry standard for understanding the complex concepts and methodology for preparing escalation billings. This step-by-step handbook cuts through the complexities to provide straightforward, easy-to-understand explanations of the methodologies used for calculating your annual escalation billings. Now in its Third Edition, this updated handbook tackles the latest issues facing property managers with a particular emphasis on the fact that escalations are a partnership between the landlord and tenant. It includes a comprehensive Q&A section offering additional insights and tips for navigating through the gross-up process, plus three new chapters:

• Expense Caps: Understand the different types of expense caps-annual and cumulative-and how to properly calculate them for escalation billing.

• Managing an Escalation Audit: Successfully manage the audit process while maintaining positive relationships with tenants.
• Escalating Building Rating System Costs: Learn who should pay the costs associated with "going green" with building rating systems such as LEED, BOMA 360 and others.

The Escalations Handbook is authored by Bill Brownfield, CRE, CCIM and Larry Mayerhofer, CPA, who wrote BOMA's first escalation handbook in 1990 under the title How to Adjust Operating Expenses for Occupancy Changes in Office Buildings: The Gross Up Process. In 1998, Bill and Larry updated the publication to reflect current industry practices under the title The Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings: A Guide to Understanding, Preparing and Grossing Up Expense Escalations. Today's Third Edition continues to be considered the industry standard for calculating escalation expenses.

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